Proposed By-laws Amendment

Changes Proposed to CPRV Civic League By-laws

The Colonial Place/Riverview Civic League Social Events Committee is an ad hoc committee created last year by the President to organize and host social events for members and residents of Colonial Place and Riverview. The committee has been quite active, hosting the Pizza Party at Cogan’s, the Chili Cookoff, hospitality tents at this year’s Front Porch Artwalk and the first Front Porch Friday. Each event has attracted more and more neighbors to meet, socialize and have fun, and the committee has plans for even more wonderful events. Ad hoc committees created this way under our by-laws can only exist for a maximum of 12 months. To continue the success of these events, we must change our by-laws to create a permanent Social Events Committee. The Board of Directors has approved a change to the by-laws, which must be voted on by members at the Civic League meeting of April 8, 2019. In brief, the proposed changes provide the following:
– the purpose of the committee is to organize and stage social events to foster a greater sense of community
among residents;
– all such events must be held in or near Colonial Place or Riverview;
– all such events must be proposed to and approved by the Board in advance;
– any funds expended must adhere to our by-laws;
– the committee also has responsibility for our various social media.

We plan a membership vote on this change at our April meeting on April 8, 2019.

Here is the full text that is proposed to be added:

Article V. Committees, Section 1

H. Social Events Committee – The Social Events Committee shall be responsible for planning, organizing, implementing and/or supporting social events sponsored by the Civic League, the purpose of which is to increase awareness of the Civic League, to foster a greater sense of community among residents, and to promote members’ and residents’ social interaction with each other. Any such events shall be held within or around Colonial Place and Riverview. Events may be recurring or non-recurring (one-time) and may be concurrent with membership meetings if so approved.

For each proposed event, the committee shall submit a proposal to the Board of Directors in advance, including a proposed schedule, location, estimated cost and a proposed funding source, whether unfunded or funded by the Civic League directly, or by sponsorship, or by other contributions. The Board of Directors may, in collaboration with the Committee Chairperson, modify any proposal before giving its approval and the committee shall adhere to any such modifications in organizing and implementing the event.

Expenditures and any reimbursements shall adhere to the requirements of these bylaws.

The Social Events Committee, jointly with the Media Committee, shall be responsible for the content and operation of the Civic League’s official and sponsored social media presence, to include any Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages, among other such platforms. The Committee shall use these platforms to showcase the events, projects, activities and accomplishments of the Civic League and to publicize important, relevant and interesting information and announcements to Civic League members and the community at large.

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