Attend the Next CPRV Civic League Meeting (In-Person or Virtual)

We have returned to in-person meetings! Meetings are held at 6:30 pm on the 2nd Monday of each month in the Kingdom Embassy Church, 645 Mayflower Road. There is ample parking in the lighted church parking lot adjacent to the building.

Current Virginia Department of Health guidelines and Church policy require that physical attendees must remain masked while in the building and must observe social distancing.

The meeting will also take place simultaneously on ZOOM, a virtual meeting application. Attendees at the Church will see and hear the ZOOM attendees on several monitors; ZOOM attendees at home will see and hear the attendees in the Church. You may register for the next ZOOM meeting by clicking HERE.

You do not have to be a member of the Civic League to attend a meeting – all are welcome to attend either virtually or in person.

If you use a desktop computer with a webcam, a laptop with a camera, a tablet (such as an iPad), or your smartphone, you may attend the virtual meeting with two-way audio and video, or with audio only if you prefer. If you are using a flip phone or landline, you will be limited to audio-only.

You do not need a ZOOM account to attend. The easiest way to connect to the CPRV Civic League virtual meetings is to download the ZOOM application to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. That will provide the most functionality and joining the virtual meeting will be as simple as clicking a link in the invitation email we send to you. If you decide to participate with a browser without downloading ZOOM, we have found that Google Chrome works best. Go to for more information.

To protect the integrity of our meetings, we require attendees to have both a unique Meeting ID and a Password. Both will be supplied to you when you register for the meeting.

Helpful hints: if you don’t have a camera attached to your device (web camera, built-in camera, etc.) you won’t be able to provide video but you should be able to see the video stream coming from the meeting. Similarly, if you don’t have a built-in microphone, such as in a web-cam, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone, you’ll need to connect an external microphone to provide audio from you to the rest of the participants. If you plan to use a browser to participate, you should use Google Chrome; nothing else seems to work as well (or at all). Remember that even if you have a camera attached to your device of choice, you can always disable your outgoing video in ZOOM if you’d rather not be seen.

Please note that if you are dialing in, especially if you are using your flip phone or a landline, you may not be able to vote on any motions proposed. Because of this, we encourage you to use a computer or smart device that will allow you to receive video from the meeting. Also, note that with a landline you may incur toll charges unless your phone plan includes free long-distance calling (most do).

Detailed Instructions for Joining a Meeting (this will open a new tab and take you to

CLICK HERE to Register for the next CPRV Civic League Virtual Meeting

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