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Tips on How You Can Aid in Winter Crime Prevention

While there is always a chance, you will be the victim of a crime, that chance increases during the winter months. Here are some tips on how you can aid in winter crime prevention.

Stay with Your Vehicle – It’s fairly common for people to warm up their vehicles in front of their homes during winter. But be careful! If you warm up your vehicle unattended, a passing auto thief may hop in and steal your vehicle. To prevent this, stay with your vehicle when warming it up. Don’t allow anyone to take advantage of your absence. In addition, never leave your vehicle running in your garage with the garage door closed! Having the engine running in a closed area can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Lock Your Doors – Lock all the doors of your vehicle and home, including the garage door. Any opening is an invitation for crime. Thieves can infiltrate your garage and break into your car or, even worse, your home. You should make sure all entrances and exits are secure at all times (this includes windows!).

Keep Valuables with You – Whether you’re out shopping or in the comfort of your home, never leave your valuables out of sight. One common mistake people make is leaving their valuables in their car, only to find that their car has been broken into. Keep your valuables in a safe, if you own one, and hide it in a place no one would think to look. If you’re out shopping, keep your wallet in your front pocket and your purse in front of you.

Stay in the Light – Many people take advantage of the darkness to perform their crimes. Staying in visible areas is one key to winter crime prevention. When in your home, make sure your outdoor lamps are lit at night, if you have them. When outdoors, try to stay in well-lit areas. You should never walk alone at night! People always take advantage of loners, and the cover of darkness makes it much easier.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings – Thieves and other crime-doers take advantage of distracted people. Nowadays, many people use their cell phones when they should be paying attention to their environment. Don’t use your cell phone too often, and appear confident in where you are going. There is a lesser likelihood that a predator will go after you if you appear confident and aware of your surroundings.

In Case You Are A Victim If a robber demands your property, give it up immediately. Resisting is a dangerous game, especially if the robber is armed. You can replace your property, not your life. Following the crime, you can contact the police right away.

You can reach the Community Resource Officer (CRO), Officer Charles Dreer, at 757.353.1268 or via email.

Remember, if you SEE something, SAY something!

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