Crime Prevention

Protecting ourselves and our property is a community effort. If you see something, say something

Considering the volume of service calls every day, the police simply can’t be everywhere at once, so they depend on the help of residents to keep them informed of what is happening. Our vigilance helps them keep our neighborhood safe.


There are many ways you can help:

police report
See Something Say Something
surveillance camera


Report ALL incidents to the police:

If an incident is not reported, the police do not know about it and resources will be allocated elsewhere. We have several reporting options:

In Person: Call the Norfolk Non-Emergency number (757-441-5610) and an officer will come out to take the report.

Online:  Citizen’s Online Reporting System 
Phone: CopLogic Online Citizen’s Reporting Tool 1-844-801-2190 


Report any suspicious activity to the police:

If you see a crime in progress, call 911. To report suspicious activity, call the Norfolk Police Non-Emergency number at 757-441-5610.


Virtual Neighborhood Watch:

If you have surveillance cameras around your property, you can use those cameras to help the Norfolk Police Department fight crime! Register your cameras with NPD online. If a crime occurs nearby, police will know to ask registered residents to check for video that may help in apprehending a suspect.

Crime Prevention Resources

This May, shift your gears to two wheels and pedal power for the 12th Annual Norfolk Bike Month!

Neighborhood Watch is a powerful tool that brings citizens together to make their neighborhoods safer.

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he Norfolk Police Department crime mapping program provides public access to crime data in the City of Norfolk.

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