Social Events

The Colonial Place | Riverview Civic League hosts a variety of social events thought-out the year to bring our neighbors together and expand our community. If you have an idea for an event or are interested in volunteering, please email and get involved!


Music of many genres filled the air on a late December night in Colonial Place as Porchella 2022 finally kicked off.

Yorgo’s Bageldashery

Our first event of 2023 is a Bagel & Wraps Meet-up at Yorgo’s.

Garden Party

CPRV Civic League had a lovely garden party at Knitting Mill Creek Community Garden.

News & Resources

Winter Mulch 101

In the sumer, mulch helps reduce weeds growing in your garden, but in the winter, mulch acts as insulation for the soil and plant roots (which are more sensitive to cold than stems).

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