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What is a Civic League and What Does it Do For the Neighborhood?

At its core, a Civic League is a non-profit, neighborhood organization whose primary goal and interest is the improvement and quality of life in the neighborhood. It allows citizens to find a voice in local government and issues in areas that go outside the vote. 


Whether a homeowner, a tenant, or a business person in a given community, everyone has something to gain by working together to improve the community. A civic league will provide many benefits: 

  • Be the unified voice of the community
  • Utilize the diversity and differences of the community by involving as many residents as possible
  • Educate citizens on the community’s unique needs and strengths
  • Raise awareness of matters affecting the community and steps to influence the outcome
  • Facilitate community volunteer programs
  • Educate residents on how to identify community needs and access City services
  • Communicate recommendations, suggestions, and/or modifications to City Council to improve the quality of life in the community
  • Represent the community and its wishes at meetings and public hearings
  • Resolve problems at the community level and when unsuccessful, access City Hall
  • Provide a framework in which to work together in the prevention of crime and improve the quality of life
  • Help neighbors create bonds and work together to enhance what is valued in the neighborhood

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