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Mayflower Shoreline Buffer Project: Enhancing Our Neighborhood's Waterfront

Mayflower Shoreline Buffer Project: Enhancing Our Neighborhood’s Waterfront​
Article contributed by Pooya Mohit, CPRV Civic League President
Information provided by Mary Mantey, Elizabeth River Project

In our ongoing effort to improve water quality in Knitting Mill Creek the Elizabeth River Project, the City of Norfolk, the Colonial Place Riverview Civic League, and partnering organizations are taking a significant step forward. We are excited to introduce you to the Mayflower Shoreline Buffer Project, an initiative aimed at beautifying the shoreline while enhancing water quality.

What’s in Store for Mayflower?

This project will involve planting low-growing native vegetation and creating a stone dust walking path along Mayflower Road. The buffer project will kick off at the intersection of Mayflower Road and Massachusetts Avenue, on the East side, and progress along the city property in front of your residences, spanning Knitting Mill Creek in three distinct phases. The first of these phases is scheduled to commence this coming Fall in 2023.

Addressing the Issue

If you’ve noticed that the open area between the road and the shoreline lacks ground cover, you’re not alone. This is largely due to soil compaction that isn’t conducive to plant growth. During heavy rain events, stormwater runoff directly enters Knitting Mill Creek, carrying contaminants from the road with it. However, by introducing a vegetated buffer and suitable soil media for plant roots, we can slow down stormwater, resulting in fewer contaminants reaching the waterway.

Benefits Galore

The Mayflower Shoreline Buffer Project aims to tackle stormwater and tidal flooding issues on the East end of Knitting Mill Creek. Additionally, it will introduce native grasses and flowering plants, diversifying the plant life in the area and enhancing water filtration. This not only creates a richer habitat for local wildlife but also serves as an educational opportunity to showcase native plants. Our ultimate goal is to highlight the beauty of native vegetation, strengthen the local ecosystem, and boost community resilience.

Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this exciting project, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mary Mantey at or Colonial Place Civic League representative Pooya Mohit at


Together, we can transform Mayflower’s shoreline into a thriving, eco-friendly space for everyone to enjoy. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this transformative journey to enhance our beloved Colonial Place Riverview!

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