Meeting Minutes
Oct 2021

President – started the meeting at 6:30 and adjourned at 7:21 pm. 


Media – Testing media/technology at Kingdom Embassy; customary to give free advertising spot to host.  Newsletter deadline 22 OCT 21, this Friday.  Requested last two sets from Secretary. 

Treasurer – no change in numbers.


VPCrime – Door knocker – was sleeping on porch at abandoned house.  Officer Johnson approached/got him in touch with services.  Uptick in car thefts; keep reporting;  reporting got us surveillance on weekends.  Speakers (NOV) – 3 speakers from animal organizations.


Secretary – minutes from general meeting were submitted.  Resent last two sets of minutes tonight. 


Community improvementClam shell path fill – likely 2nd weekend of Nov.  Has money still so can spend – anticipate $102/has in budget.   Crape Myrtle pruning – expect it to be done 2nd or 3rd weekend of Nov. as well.  Neighborhood sign maintenance – President requested maintenance be done now vs when distributed. 


President – General meeting – had several conversations regarding Catch By The River attempting to open without going through processes.  Have forwarded several emails on why city wouldn’t want.  VP Q – do we need to notify the civic league/community of the background we know?  President – can release things as they are public knowledge/police reports.  Tell folks to check out “The Living Room”.  Once he applies, we will have an official vote. 


Social Committee

Trunk or Treat table w/Kingdom Embassy Church (October 31st & Time 6 – 7 pm. 

Volunteers – need a couple Board volunteers to help man the table (VP volunteered).  Candy budget – suggest $40-50 but will reimburse for amount spent.  Promote on FB and NextDoor.  Approved. 

Adult Social – Sunday, NOV 7th at 3 pm.  Walk through RV and meet at Mi Hogar (Mexican restaurant on Granby) after the walk.  No budget needed; no-host event.  Approved.

Thankful Tree beginning on Thursday, NOV 11th.  Locations – same locations as last year (Delaware Circle and in Riverview). Accessories already on hand.  No budget needed; no-host event.  Approved. 

Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt –Saturday, NOV 13th Time 2 – 4 pm.

Sign-in – Table in the Greenway from 2 – 4 pm to sign in/claim prizes.  Event – Twelve small numbered pumpkins will be hidden around CPRV that morning.  Pumpkin #s placed in a drawing to win Goodie Basket. Prizes – There would be two (2) “larger prize” winners – 1) for finding pumpkin receive a goodie basket w/Hot Chocolate, etc. 2) Raffle for village mermaid $25 GC.   Participants who find a pumpkin can come to the table to receive a candy bag prize and enter raffle.  Budget needed:  est $100 to purchase pumpkins, Hot Chocolate Basket items, and candy for goodie bags.  Approved/in budget. 

Coffee and Brunch at the Rhode Island Circle on Sunday, NOV 28th, Time – morning/TBD.

Aroma coffee truck, owned by Inglish Young/all required permits & insurance held by owner, and food brought by neighbors or donuts purchased by CL.  Budget needed:  est $25 if donut option.  Approved/in budget. 

December Social Plans – details still in work – Scavenger Hunt – much like last year’s Granby the Snow Pal fun, but with a little twist. We will distribute snowman parts and participants will find them, then snowman assembly. 

December CPRV meeting – Social team to serve treats/drinks at this meeting. Budget TBD 


Welcome Committee – nothing.


VP (new topic) – Game Warden (Parks/Rec) approaching people across from Kingdom Embassy for fishing and advised will be enforcing the No Fishing/Crabbing as long as the signs are there.  Previously, police had indicated no issue.  President – not civic league issue but will approach Parks/Rec; last time tried to get signs removed, 1 person stopped it. 

Host – President to Host, would like to hold our future general meetings and offer you free advertising in the newsletter.   VP Q – do we need to put something in the newsletter or on FB page regarding masks/etc.?  Recommend – Following VA Dept of Health (VDH) recommendations, anyone indoors 2+ or older should wear a mask.  If choose to attend in person, please wear a mask and practice social distance.  Speakers will likely still continue via Zoom.  There will be two (2) microphones, one (1) for board and one (1) at podium for questions. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:21 pm.                          Sincerely, Beth Travis, Secretary

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