CPRV History: Riverview - 301 E 42nd Street

301 East 42nd Street was built in 1906 and was the long-time residence of Colonel Charles Consolvo.

During his life, Mr. Consolvo was a circus clown, operated a steam laundry, owned an advertising company, and operated many hotels, including the Monticello and Pine Beach Hotels in Norfolk and the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond.

Colonel Consolvo was good friends with Charles Lindbergh and was heavily involved in the search for Mr. Lindbergh’s son when he was kidnapped in 1932.

He was also good friends with Queen Marie of Romania and entertained Presidents William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson and entertainers such as Buffalo Bill Cody.

When Colonel Consolvo passed away in 1947; he left generous endowments for DePaul Hospital and Saint Mary’s Infant Home.                        

Information Provided by Larry Morton

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