Asphalt Art Comes to CPRV

During our February Civic League meeting, Colonial Place resident, Melissa Seek presented her idea of adding asphalt art to Colonial Place and Riverview. The Civic League voted in favor of pursuing this project!

Asphalt art uses art for a purpose and is used on the road to bring beauty and attention to areas where it may be needed. It has been shown to reduce vehicle and pedestrian accidents making it an ideal traffic-calming device. Please visit to see another successful art installation project in Norfolk. The asphalt art installation will be approximately 1,000 square feet, with one being in Colonial Place and one being in Riverview. Sam Wegener, Colonial Place resident, and Maury High School art teacher will work with her students to develop design options that the Civic League will vote on.  Once a design has been chosen, and materials have been procured, Colonial Place and Riverview residents will have the opportunity to help bring this idea to life! There will be temporary road closures around the area we are painting.

The total cost for this project, which includes paint, paint supplies, required city permits, and refreshments for volunteers during art installation, is approximately $2,000. The Civic League has applied for a $500 block-by-block grant from the city, which the Civic League will match, which means we need to fundraise $1,000. If you want to donate to this project, please visit and scroll to the “Click below to make a tax-deductible donation to the CPRV Civic League.” section to donate. Additionally, if you are able to donate supplies or are interested in helping with the art installation, please contact me at We are hoping to complete this project in both neighborhoods by the end of the year, but we cannot do anything in Colonial Place until the construction is complete. Stay tuned for a more updated timeline!

We are very excited about bringing this idea to life. It will add to the beauty of our neighborhoods, increase the safety of pedestrians, bikers, and motorists, and bring our community together to make this happen. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know at

Here are some additional links for reference.

Asphalt Art Initiative – Norfolk Arts

Asphalt-Art-Safety-Study.pdf (

Color the Curb | Arts in the Right-of-Way (

To view the complete presentation, click here.

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