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What to Do If There Is a Streetlight Outages​

With the shorter days of winter months upon us, it is even more important to be mindful of streetlight outages in our neighborhoods.

Report all outages to Dominion Energy via their website or by telephone (866-366-4357).


pole number

Before reporting a streetlight outage, take note of a couple of things that will help Dominion repair the right light!

  • Jot down the pole number.
  • Note the nearest street address. The pole numbers are located directly on the pole and come in two formats:
    • one letter, four numbers, two letters, two numbers (for example, B1831 RL22)
    • two letters, two numbers (for example, ND66).

For repairs that can’t be made by changing a bulb, Dominion will post a color-coded wrap on the pole indicating the status of the repair.



There is an overhead problem, and repairs may take 2–3 weeks.


There is an underground problem, and repairs may take 2–3 weeks. A yellow wrap may replace the green wrap on the pole if extensive damage is found.


There is extensive damage to the underground cable. Special equipment and permits may be required for Dominion to make a fix. Typical repair time is 45+ days.

For downed power lines or streetlight poles, please call 866-366-4357 immediately.


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