Meeting Minutes
January 2023

CPRV Civic League Meeting          09JAN23          6:30 – 7:25 p.m.

President opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Community Resource Officer, Norfolk PD – Charles Dreer

– Larcenies – still high from catalytic converters

– Lighting – noticed lighting is homey but allows for shadows, upgrade to brighter lights


            – Catalytic converter theft – Is Norfolk PD doing anything about increase?  Are there times for these?  Throughout neighborhood or specific area?   Is there any specific type of cars?  How long?  Street vs driveway?  Anything being done about those selling them? 

            – Increased presence during Thurs – Sun 9 pm – 3 am – car on road.  Highest time 7 pm – 5 am.  Higher crime on Mayflower Rd.  Appears to be whatever they can find.  High end vehicles are getting hit most (Prius actually have less dirty/higher metal) and/or those with two (2) on them.  Just take a few minutes.  Street.  They do have a squad investigating. 

            – Attempted carjacking with shots fired – were they going after specific delivery driver? 

            – In that they left car running yes but can’t comment on open investigation. 

Councilwoman, Norfolk, City Council – Courtney Doyle

– Five (5) wards sworn in Dec 2022; with elections first time in Nov. 

– Updates on utilities, public works, and  transit – see power point/video.


            – Doing anything about trash?  Yes.

            – Doing anything about recruiting more police?  3 vs 2 academies.

            – Speed study – can results be provided and get recommendations?

            – Requested presence at mall after theater.

            – What happens if Norfolk Cares doesn’t respond?  CC her.

Interim Director of Economic Development, City of Norfolk – Sean Washington – not present. 

Owner, LeGrand Kitchen – Stephen Marsh – requesting conditional use permit, vote – approved.


Board Updates

Social – committee of four (4).

– Porchello – shoutout for organizer.

– January 16 – will go out on FB for RSVP – Yergo’s – upstairs for bagels.

Media – committee of five/six (5/6).

added Welcome to Meeting/closed caption/sections for Crime Prevention, etc.

MJ’s offered up four (4) gift certificates for those signed up for email.  Two (2) winners notified tonight. 

Crime Prevention – no additional comments.

Treasurer – report available.

Community Improvement –

– Cleanups coming – after cold months

  – buffer cleanup/maintenance – Environmental rep will advertise.

– Crape Myrtle – February event  Minutes to be adopted.  Approved.  New year – signup – $10 / $5 for seniors.;

Mention to Media for all the work.  Board would love to hear ideas from you.


President closed the meeting at 7:25 p.m.

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