Meeting Minutes
November 2022

CPRV Civic League Board Meeting         21NOV22          6:30 p.m. – 8:12 p.m.

Speaker (Asphalt Art):  President introduced Melissa Seek who is suggesting this to slow traffic/welcome to area. 

– Artist (Maury HS teacher & students) would do pro bono. 

– Would have to close streets for few days/maybe reopen with block party, do in 2 areas, and a sign. 

– Poss timeline(s):  Jan/Feb design, Apr student proposals, and May start.  Alternative:  Aug/Sep – present a possible rendering/image of what they would do.

Estimated cost:  Paint/supplies/block party $3800 (high end); Civic League could provide drinks/snacks.  Questions/discussionTreasurer:  How long does paint last/renewal (every 2 yrs) @$1800 renewal.  Funding – not in budget; look for partnerships/grants but 25% of current budget/coffers.   David:  Get with Elizabeth River Project.   President: We have to go through all wickets; May 2023 likely won’t happen with funds and such.   Send powerpoint/etc. to her/she’ll get out to the board.   Next grant cycle:  Feb.  Want to be the board that made a difference.   Digest and re-visit at the December board mtg.  Melissa:  Would donate/get donations; maybe discount from stores.  Treasurer:  River View may want somewhere else.  Life cycle cost estimation (would have to be a long-term budget item so it doesn’t turn into a bad picture in 5 yrs.  Question:  Upkeep/replication process if want to do again/more?

Membership (Harris)Membership drive discussion

Drive: I emailed President/Social, last board mtg mentioned poss drive in DEC with w/various options for free membership, discounts at various neighborhood establishments, or something.  Will attend future marketing mtg (w/Shannon) and maybe get discount at local businesses for membership (Treasurer mentioned).  Possible Jan/Elation membership event w/Social committee (suggested poss spreading to other businesses).  Treasurer:  Membership is only $10; seniors $5.  Not raised since he has been a board mbr; not big incentive.  President:  Thought of incentivizing membership, maybe Toys for Tots or food donation.  Biggest membership show at mtg was Mayor; thinking Rep Doyle.  Membership:  Around 105/110 mbrs.   Media:  Work a discount on advertising w/membership to get more for both?  Social:  How many new mbrs fm tailgate?  Two.  Did one at Elation/Coogans for free food if came/signed up.  Path forward:  Harris meet up w/Social & Media.   Next mtg:  12DEC22 – Harris will be gone.  Need to vote on by-laws.  Can do at JAN mtg. 


Social:  DEC mtg – 3 of 4 down.  Refreshments (drinks) and nice cookies.   President will check on food at church.  NOV – Thankful tree – can’t do in the circle but will do online. 


Media:  Mtg – setting up a mtg next wk and a media kit for advertising on site.  Reached out to a civic league organization (suggest we join it offers a lot of help/$250 per year).  Hopefully able to distribute a media kit within the next few weeks and some ideas for raising advertising funds.


Timeline for newsletter delivery:  President out 06-09DEC22; Social on one leg.  Pete & Artemis are good with doing sorting.  Just need someone to drop off at River View people (Beth volunteered). 


Newsletter:  Articles by next Wed/30NOV22 and could get to printer by 02DEC22. 


Civic League Meeting in DEC:  vote on by-laws. 


Crime Prevention:  No update except FB posts of car/windows.  Comment online said that just because call non-emergency does not mean that a report is actually done; will check with our POC. 

Civic League meeting advertisement:  City will give two (2); President will pursue.


Environmental (Matt Lynch):  Proposing trees that need repair in right of way/effect on environment and getting some companies interested/do pro bono (VP brought up example of recent storm/big tree and/or keeping trees in good repair).  Need to figure out some proposals/ways to go forward.  Have mtg w/arborists coming up.  Also seeds.  Thinking community library and/or if civic league could have a part in it.


Secretary:  Missed last meeting but need to have Oct minutes approved; motion/2nd and approved. 


VP/Community Improvement

Projects:  Would like to get together with Environmental on Crape Myrtle and signs/mermaid projects. 

Eco/district branding:  been working on branding tenets/etc. and came up with trail/path that laid out eco district; Knitting Mill Watershed is one that there is a grant for; discussion about Elizabeth River Trail possibly being done in conjunction.   $20K grant for north end of a development on north end of Mayflower and connection to clam shell.  Conversation to possibly tie Elizabeth River Trail to Knitting Mill Watershed to greenway to zoo.   Will be exploring other options than clam shell as they may be problematic to animals. 


Treasurer:  Budget in good shape.  Talking with media, all printed newsletter income has been received.  Running couple thousand lower than past years; so trending down a bit.   Text if have any expenses need paid.  Civic league items for storage, let him know. 


President:  Maury HS an issue/didn’t involve any civic leagues; all agree encourage civic league member involvement. 

Got a question from HRT:  wants to know if we want a 4 way stop sign at Columbus and Lavalette?  Bring up at DEC mtg.

DEC mtg:  Canned food drive; bring to meeting. 


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