Meeting Minutes
Sept 2021

President – opened the meeting at 6:33 pm.


David indicated we were expecting 15 plus guest and that would make a quorum. 


Speaker – Officer Johnson, Community Resources Officer


Larcenies:  In the last thirty (30) days, we had eight (8) car larcenies, 1 from a car stolen, and a catalytic converter stolen.  Previous 30 days only three (3) car larcenies.  To combat that, LT has authorized them to have an unmarked car.  It appears to be happening in the 0400-0600 hours timeframe; unmarked car will be out there 2-3 times a week.  Officer Johnson has been attempting to contact the victims and/or nearby neighbors to get camera footage; he can pick up and he can give to precinct detective who is pretty good at comparison to


What can we do as a civic league?  Catalytic converters can’t be taken to junkyard unless car repair/dealer.  Can ask politicians about that rule.   Thieves are taking them to junkyard to get money for the platinum and by-product (rodium) which is now up to $27K/ounce. 


VP to Officer Johnson:  Two (2) to three (3) people have reported via NextDoor and/or non-emergency police line of person knocking @0100 and then leaving.  VP will send photos to Officer Johnson.  One (1) or two (2) people have reported on the non-emergency line.  Police had indicated they know about the guy and that’s just what he does.   One (1) non-member indicated he has one (1) or two (2) folks @0200-0300 knocking/asking for money but ask and leave.


WAVE:  Officer Johnson indicated that folks are going over to Nouvelle @0200-0300 in the morning/when Wave closes, currently vacant, and continue to party.   Wave put cones out to block off Nouvelle parking lot.  Precinct Captain was out there and had no issue.  They are having a car out there when Wave closes. 



Three candidates for Commissioner of Revenue:

  1. Adam Goldberg – 25 yrs in USN, now Contractor for govt, and worked with various international/domestic personnel. Financial background.  Father of five (5); grandfather of three (3).   Big issue will be taxes.  He wants to discuss real estate taxes ($1.29M house of Commissioner on Redfin).   Adam’s taxes went up 6.8% tax and property value 25%.  Commissioner of revenues has consistently gone down until this year went up 1.6% (1/4 of his 6.8%); most are paying 06-10%.   She’s paying $3,787 less than and her house value went down (everyone else’s went up).   When was the last time the Commissioner’s office was audited.  Look at yours   Information is available in the chat.


  1. Blythe Scott – current Commissioner. Her mother-in-law passed away in 2017 and they inherited it and all the belongings.  They had the opportunity had to have the house reassessed to correct number of bedrooms/etc.  She does not handle or set the real estate tax.  She will continue to work hard as a civil servant.


  1. Nicole Sanders – candidate. Here since 2000, graduated from Hampton University with technology degree.  Running as everyday, working class citizen, resident, and business owner.  Current office is not effective for customer service (several years).  Business practices have remained the same for several years.  There is ALWAYS room for growth/improvement.   She will advocate for residents, business owners, and as parent.   Homeowner in Ward 3.  Ward 1 and Ward 2 get free advertising on but not other wards.  COVID has definitely shown that technology is the way forward and the website has NOT been updated.   Need to have someone that will be neutral and play fair; those that are in the community.   Need transparency and open.  Vested/advocate for Norfolk for business owners and residents. 


Questions from residents:

Bill has known Blythe for decades and a person of integrity. 

Charlene Christopher to Nicole Sanders – what business?  Computer and credit repair.

Dane to any/all candidate – do you believe overtaxed?  Adam – yes/gave examples.  Blythe – has voiced her request to cut taxes.  Nicole – yes. 


President – we have 2 mins left.  Hookah group trying to open; voted 14 in favor; 1 not in favor; 1 abstaining.  Will send a letter to city saying we are supporting them opening on Granby. 


President closed the meeting at 7:06 pm.  Will get Zoom issue fixed in October. 



Beth Travis




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